maanantai 19. heinäkuuta 2010

Mexico city : A place, where I have always wanted to go

One of my dreams came true, when we were booked to support Theatre of tragedy at Circo Volador in Mexico city 19.6.2010.
Our flight was scheduled to leave 18 of June at 07.00 am. We were at the airport at 5 am.

Leaving from the cold and rainy Finland

However everything didn't go smoothly. When we went to check ourselves in, a lady behind the desk, said that our tickets are not valid. We had to leave the queue. Johannes and I went to look for some answers from two different service desks, but they all told us the same thing: Our tickets are not valid, but nobody knew why.
It took almost an hour and a lot of discussion until the situation cleared. All thanks to Johannes. He was persistent enough to claim the answer. I don't know, what really happened, but suddenly, they found our tickets from the computer.
and then our journey finally started!

Having biers In frankfurth (tired?)

The flight was long. It took over 12 hours...

Puerta 8

We were at the airport around 10 pm and really surprised that there were fans waiting for our arrival.
It was really nice. Thank you guys!

At the hotel Fiesta Inn aeropureto

We went almost straight to bed, so we were really energetic in the morning! After the breakfast, it was time to go to the Circo volador.

Outside at the backstage area

Soundcheck time

I can honestly say, that this gig was the best gig ever so far! The audience was great and we had an awsome time at the stage... I want to come back as soon as possible!

We spent four days after the gig in Mexico...

Tequila tasting... it could be dangerous...=D

The temple of the sun in Teotihuacan.. Oh, what a long way to the top... I was amazed that we were able to climb up there.

At the last day, we went to museo to explore the ancient history of Mexico.

It was an awsome gig with a really nice trip =)! Until the next time...

Heavy greetz

Some memories from the Summer Breeze festival 2009

KATRA had a gig in SummerBreeze festival, which was held in Dinkelsbühl, Germany 2009.
Our gig was in 13.8, but the whole journey started in 12.8. and ended 16.8.
It was our first time on a really big festival mainstage, what can one say! It was unforgettable!

Our view from the stage during the soundcheck

Check out more photos of the gig

After the gig there was 5 really happy people in the backstage area!